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What is Street Rescue?

 Have you ever lost a friend or family member to a crime committed with a firearm,  lost someone to suicide, or an accident with a gun? Wounds like these are the type that never fully heal.

Firearms in the hands of people not properly trained to either use them or store them safely has been an age old problem. This tragedy is compounded should they fall into the wrong hands. Sometimes homes are broken into and firearms stolen.  This causes a serious problem; a criminal who is now armed with a firearm. Please help us keep this from happening.

Street Rescue's mission is to help our community avoid such a crisis.  This means taking the tools away from criminals who hide weapons around a community for later use.

Street Rescue has been created with the goal of getting unwanted firearms out of our community before they can fall into the wrong hands.

Street Rescue will be reaching out to citizens to turn over unwanted firearms in a format that has come to be known as the “Firearm Turn-In”. In short, a program to get UNWANTED FIREARMS out of our community. We will be exchanging gift cards for the FIREARMS that are turned in. Please understand; in an effort to make sure the funds will not be used for alcohol, tobacco or other unhealthy items, we will be issuing gift cards that are good for wholesome items that will not add fuel to the problems in our society.

Please stop by our Event Information page to find out when and where you can turn in your Unwanted Firearms



 What is a "Community Gun"?


 What can I do to help?

Street Rescue is a private charity.  We receive no funding from the government.  Our mission is carried out completely with charitable donations from good citizens like you who are willing to stand up and help Cincinnati. Can we count on you to step up and help?

Stop by any US Bank branch location to donate to Street Rescue.

Working together, we can make our community safe. We can save lives, protect our children, reduce the burden on our local hospital emergency rooms, and help reduce health care costs.  We look forward to helping you, and we hope you will be looking forward to helping us.


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